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Corporate Structure & Operations - Dynamic-Materials™ Group Of Companies


Dynamic-Materials has operations across the world, and with it's chosen commercial Partners can provide Technical and Engineering support to the United States, Europe and other International industrial markets.

Our core strengths are depth of knowledge across a wide range of materials, technical excellence, world-class operations, flexibility and rapid execution.

Our dynamic and flexible response to our customers and potential customers provides world-beating solutions to extremely tough technical challenges.

The Group is divided into trading Divisions.


Pointer imageDynamic-Metallics

Fibre Technology Ltd (Fibretech), based in the UK and its sister company Ribbon Technology Corporation (Ribtec) in the US have produced metallic fibres and filament for more than 30 years, utilising proprietary Rapid Solidification Technology(RST), specifically named ME (Melt-Extract) and MO (Melt-Overflow). Both of these processes utilise rapid metal quenching techniques to manufacture a range of fibre and filament sizes to a custom material analysis. The ability to custom-manufacture an alloy to a customer's specific chemistry for a specific application is unique, the only alternative being to acquire 'standard' alloys.

These fibres and filaments, and the ability to join them in a metallic substrate has provided innovative solutions to customers in the catalytic, filtration, water treatment, oil exploration, automotive and aerospace sectors.

In addition the companies develops and markets a range of metallic fibres for use in the civil construction sector, including bridge construction and tunnelling for crack control of concrete in extreme environments.

We can provide technical support relating to the uses and applications of fibres and filaments, including guidance on the metallurgical analysis and the optimal fibre size. We operate under exceptional quality controls and offer full batch traceability to raw material constituents. Our dedication to quality and accountability is second to none, and we are compliant with internationally recognised standards like ISO 9001-2002, QS 9000 and ISO-14000.

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Pointer imageDynamic-Composites

Dynamic-Composites combine materials to obtain synergies between them for a number of industries. In addition, their range of special coatings can further enhance materials in certain key market sectors.

Fiberstone Products Ltd provides a range of high temperature engineering composite materials, which are very effective when applied as a replacement for metal parts that are destroyed by process heat, severe impact and thermal cycling.

Fiberstone® is a combination of high purity, refractory ceramic and up to 60% by weight of Custom Produced Stainless Steel Fibres.

Hardite®. is a family of wear resistant materials with a unique combination of high wear resistance, thermal resistance and mechanical strength. It can be utilised in isolation, or combined with metallic fibres and/or metallic filaments.

We can provide experienced technical support to ensure optimal shaping and placement of the composite material, as well as practical considerations such as attachment and ease of installation. In addition, we can supply custom pieces manufactured to exacting quality standards from operations across the Globe.

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Pointer imageDynamic-Minerals

Dynamic-Minerals supply a range of powdered minerals and ceramic media.

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Pointer imageDynamic-Polymers

Dynamic-Polymers supply a range of polymer based fibres and filaments for concrete reinforcement in industrial applications.

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Pointer imageDynamic-Ceramic

Dynamic-Materials Group acquired this company in November 1997 from Yorkshire entrepreneur, Dr Ian Birkby. Under the management and guidance of the Group, the organisation flourished to become a leading specialist producer of 'Transformation Toughened' ceramics to such an extent that it became an attractive proposition to a number of advanced Materials companies worldwide.

The business was sold on 27th June 2013 to CoorsTek, Inc., the world's largest technical ceramics manufacturer.

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The Group has a clear vision:-

To consolidate a collection of successful companies into a significant group of world class stature, co-operating to provide innovative material solutions to the technologically demanding requirements of our commercial partners, where challenges of weight, strength, toughness and durability push out the boundaries of technology.

Dynamic-Materials is achieving this vision through organic growth, acquisitions, joint-ventures and commercial collaborations where cross-fertilisation of ideas and technologies between the parties is creating new products and applications developments in a variety of market sectors.

Dynamic-Materials, a global Group with headquarters in the East Midlands strives to provide a world-class level of service to its commercial partners.



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